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Hey, we know, you're young, you're hip, you just wanna have fun. We want you to have fun too. That's why we want to give you the tools to stay safe and be loved and respected. 

It's okay to say "Hey, that's not okay."

So how can you keep you safe? Start by setting boundaries with your partner

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Being honest and open about your boundaries in a relationship is a healthy place to start. While thinking about you and only you, make a list of boundaries. You don't have to share them with anyone unless you want to but knowing and seeing your own boundaries can be refreshing and make you feel more confident in yourself. 

Relationships have different stages, types and interests. It's important that your partner knows where your limits are and what you are comfortable with. What your goals in the relationship are, and what you expect from your partner. 

Being a good partner starts with respecting each others boundaries, being honest with each other, rooting for each other and making each other smile.

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What if my boundaries are not being taken seriously? Or what if I don't like my partners boundaries

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If your  boundaries are not being taken seriously and you have been honest and forward with your partner on what those boundaries are, that probably means your partner does not respect you, and you deserve respect. It might be that your partner needs a little help understanding how respect works, it might be that they are just crazy in love with you and they can't control themselves, because you are an amazing human. What ever the reason is: they are not giving you the respect you need. Cooling off and taking a break from a relationship is a very healthy experience and should be considered. 

What is respect? What are boundaries? If you do not know what these things are in a relationship that's okay, we are here to give you some tips, but until you learn what these are you should probably hold off on dating. Would you fly a plane without going to flight school? 

Dating can be so much fun, but it can also be awkward, weird and uncomfortable at times. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable while dating someone and you can't say something to that person. Tell your friend, write it in your journal, tell an adult you trust or call us at 218-547-1636. Please tell someone.