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Simple Ways to be Tech Savvy and Safe

Trust your gut. If it feels weird- it's probably weird. If you think you are being monitored or stalked take precautions. If you are worried about someone monitoring your phone, tablet or other devices, consider getting a disposable emergency phone. Some big things to remember and consider:


Watch what you post

  • If you are on your social media accounts- don't post your location while you are there. We all want to support local businesses and we want you to take those “beautiful you” selfies but we also want you to stay safe. Wait until you are out of the area to post and support, even waiting until the next day won't hurt and it will keep you safe.

  • Go through all of your accounts and check your privacy settings, turn off your Bluetooth when you're not using it, go through your apps and delete any apps you did not add. (Keep in mind many running apps can run constantly and can track your routes.)

  • It can be a pain to change your passwords but it can keep you safe. Consider calendaring a password change every 3 months or if you feel like your accounts have been accessed. If you think you are being tracked or stalked it's a good idea to create a new email and change all of your log-in information.

Planning ahead 

  • If you are in a toxic relationship and need an emergency phone, or a new phone, you do not want your perpetrator having access to it, so only give your phone number out to your emergency contacts.

  • If you have evidence of an abuser using your devices against you, make sure you have a safety plan. Many abusers feel lost when they have lost access to you through the devices they've been following you with.

  • Ask a friend to buy your phone for you or pay with cash when you buy your emergency phone or new phone.

  • Always keep your phone charged.

  • Do not log into your social media accounts or email on your emergency or new phone. (Snapchat has a new way of tracking your friends called Snapchat+ that unveils your location within 24hrs. If you have Snapchat please consider disabling your Ghost Trails- even then you could be at risk of someone finding your location.)

  • Consider keeping your phone on silent or even hidden around your abuser.


Protect yourself 

Black Round Camera
  • If you find hidden cameras, tracking devices, or your perp knows things about you that they shouldn't- gather that evidence, document the evidence, take screen shots, save text messages and voicemails and call your local advocates or Law Enforcement. A Protective Order may be needed to keep you safe.

  • If you think there might be a tracking device on your vehicle, or a hidden device in your home consider getting a camera finder or looking into the hidden camera app so you can detect any hidden devices.

  • You can increase your privacy by protecting your address. Getting a PO Box, or going to the MN address confidentiality program by clicking here: Minnesota Secretary Of State - About Safe at Home


We get it, it's hard to stay private in the world today- from signing up at the Co-Op to creating any online account, everyone wants your information because you are spectacular. We also know that you are a creative human being, you can use initials instead of your full name, make a free Google Voice phone number to give out, use a PO Box instead of giving away your address, and remember- you are strong. You are amazing. You deserve privacy and respect. If you have any questions please call us at 218-547-1636.

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