Article: When the Eviction Moratorium Ends



Now is an important time to talk with victim/survivors about housing. While the current Minnesota moratorium on evictions and lease terminations extends through May 14, 2021, and the CDC moratorium on evictions for nonpayment of rent extends through June 30, 2021, the end of both is inevitable. When the moratoria are lifted, landlords will again be able to terminate leases and file evictions for nonpayment of rent. Since, prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, approximately 95% of evictions filed in Minnesota were for nonpayment of rent, there are concerns about an influx of tenants being evicted and facing homelessness. Advocates can play a crucial role in supporting victim/survivors in avoiding an eviction, navigating the eviction process, or preparing victim/survivors for a move:

  • Ask questions about the victim/survivor’s housing situation: Are they current on rent? Do they have any unpaid utilities? How is their relationship with their landlord? Do they anticipate their landlord will want them to move once the eviction moratorium is lifted? Have they ever had a landlord file anything with the court against them? Have they ever been forced to move out of a rental property?

  • Get caught up on rent and utilities. The COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance might be a resource for tenants who have fallen behind on rent payments or utility bills since March 2020, check out the link here.

  • Be proactive to clear up negative rental history items. Check for previous evictions on the Minnesota Courts website. Look for both eviction (UD) cases and conciliation court cases that may have been filed by a previous landlord. Refer to Standpoint for eviction expungement!

  • Check out our Housing Program website for more resources.

  • Contact us to discuss training opportunities.