Giving "Christmas Joy"

It's the "most wonderful time of the year"! 

For so many us, we delight in this wonderful time of the year filled with family, friends, gift giving, and the joy of the season.  But for some, this time of year is challenging as they wonder how they will put presents under the tree for their children.  For many years, Family Safety Network along with a group of caring, generous community members have been helping these families so they too can experience the "joy" of the season.  Through this Giving of "Christmas Joy", FSN staff along with our wonderful gift givers have been truly blessed to experience the true joy we are able to bring to these families during the holidays.  Thank you to all of our gift givers for you generosity and your continued support of these beautiful families.  For information on how you can get involved in joining this "most wonderful time of the year", please contact us at 218-547-1636 or

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