Family Safety Network's office locations may begin providing services electronically, if necessary. The move to electronic services follows recommendations allowing for flexible work conditions during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. If a physical office must be closed, service delivery is readily available and will be conducted online or by phone. Accessible service will remain available including advocacy services, OFP or HRO court filings, or assistance, chat, and text. If you have questions or are in need of services, please call 1-800-324-8151 


Family Safety Network is expanding its services to cover Hubbard, Clearwater, and Cass Counties. 

Headwaters Intervention Center in Park Rapids and Family Crisis Center in Bagley will now be Family Safety Network, serving Cass, Clearwater and Hubbard.

Welcome to Family Safety Network

Family Safety Network

Park Rapids


Fax 218-732-8386

Family Safety Network



Fax 218-547-6237

Family Safety Network



Fax 218-694-2834

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